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Abu Dhabi International Triathlon

Five minutes after I crossed the finish line of the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon (the sprint distance: 750m swim, 50km bike, and 5km run), the endorphins kicked in, and allowed me to euphorically state to my husband, “I could do this again!” Endorphins are funny like that; three hours later (and even now, eight days later), I’m not as sure – still euphoric though – that I finished (my time was nothing to write home about, but I finished!)┬áThe event was exceedingly well run, and I can see how triathletes can become quickly addicted, though I dont think I will morph into one of those individuals. ­čÖé

As some of you may know, I am a runner – it’s definitely my preferred form of exercise! In a past life, I swam (though I wouldnt call myself a “swimmer”), and I definitely do not bike. When Barr and I signed up last fall, I thought, “Well, 1.5 of the athletics of the race I have down – I’ll just train”. HA! Having the triathlon on the heels of my return from the states didnt quite allow for as much training as I should have done, but again – I finished! So photographic evidence:

No no, we didnt come in 1st...

No no, we didnt come in 1st…

I so naively believed that the run would be my easiest leg, but having it be the last portion of the event and after the particularly grueling 50km bike (I could scarcely run my bike back to the racks), I struggled in the 5k run. But I finished! And nothing can really prepare you, save experience, for swimming in the ocean with hundreds of other swimmers thrashing around you – very daunting. But I finished! (Can you tell I was morbidly fearful of not completing the triathlon?)

The experience held two major highlights (aside from completion): seeing Barr cheer me on in the last kilometer or so of the run and having the Brownlee brothers (Olympic triathletes from the UK) whiz past me on the bikes (they did 100km of the bike) – I wasnt anticipating them (and they came upon me fast!!), and saw some cameras snapping shots. Thinking that they were trying to get a photo of the girl in the cute blue outfit (it is all about a good ensemble, isnt it?), I smiled wide, but alas, they wanted that picture perfect athlete shot of the famous brothers. You can (kind of – it’s a bit like Where’s Waldo) spot me in a picture from The National here – I think the Olympians had passed by me as this point:

Riding the struggle bus…err, I mean bike

An item to tick off the bucket list, to be sure, but would I do it again? Ehhhh, ask me again in a few months as I may have stored up some more endorphins by then! Until next time…


Dubai Women’s Run 2013

I “blame” my parents; my┬áferocious (yup, that’s the word I want to use – or borderline obsessed – either work)┬árunning parents. Blame them for what, you ask? Well, today is our Saturday, and I was up at 5:30AM. For a run. For a 10k here in Dubai – the 2013 Dubai Women’s Run! Sweet Barr accompanied me to cheer me on ­čÖé┬áThis is only the 4th annual Dubai Women’s Run and comprised a 5k and 10k at the Meydan Racecourse (where they hold the Dubai World Cup – and a very different atmosphere than Churchill Downs). The first year, they had 500 participants, but there were over 5,500 there today! A portion of the entry fees also goes towards Breast Cancer Arabia.

My mother teaching her dog and mine the importance of a daily run

My mother teaching her dog and me/Barr’s the importance of a daily run

Early morning at the Dubai Women's Run

Early morning at the Dubai Women’s Run

I signed up for the 10k when we first moved here for the following reasons:

#1: Either the running bug is hereditary or the daily Simpson family runs rubbed off on me – nature vs. nurture!

#2: An opportunity to set a new personal best mile split (I love the 10k distance – it’s perfect in my opinion)

#3: An event by which to motivate me to run in this heat and stay pseudo in shape

The lineup for the race was at 630AM, and the track is about 30 minutes away so we called an early morning cab and headed that way – Barr was a trooper! (All Blackberry (?!???) photos are courtesy of him.) The race incredibly started on time, 7AM on the nose, and off we went! The course looped through the track and around the stadium, and thankfully it was early enough in the morning and late enough in the year where the temperature was pleasant.

Sunrise at the racecourse

Sunrise at the racecourse

A runner from last year’s race in her head, arm and leg covering to preserve Islamic modesty – these women are ROCK STARS running with all this fabric! (Photo Credit: DubaiWomensRun.com)

The grounds, track, and facility were not to be believed – everything is brand new (shocker for Dubai) and immaculate. Thursday night races started this week and run through December, so we’ll definitely be back (although the whole no betting thing throws us, especially my Louisville boy, for a loop!)

Meydan Racecourse

Meydan Racecourse

Anyway,┬áI’m so glad I signed up for the race, and was even happier to see my husband cheering me on at the end! So I suppose blame isn’t the right word for my parents’ influence on my running ­čÖé I only wish my mom and sister had been there, too! (Dad cheering with Barr of course – it was a women’s run after all.) That being said, I’m off to take a nap. Until next time…

Post race

Post race – sunny much?

Dubai skyline

Dubai skyline