Gift Ideas for Under $100 for Friends & Family

It’s the last week of the Favorite Things link-up with Cheers Y’allA. Liz AdventuresMiss Dixie, and Southern Style with the topic of gift ideas for under $100 for friends and family. Merry merry! Gift Ideas for Under $100
1 Lara Casey Notepads (the perfect size with the sweetest messages)
2 Thermapen (great for both girls and grillin’ guys – just maybe not in pink!)
3 Headphone Ear Muffs (for the winter runner in your life – I have several)
4 Languiole Steak Knives (who doesn’t love rainbow steak knives?)
5 Waterproof Speaker (a nice addition for your TSwift shower-singing friend…or husband)
6 Charitable Gift Donation (an incredibly personal and powerful gift)
 7 Personalized Children’s Puzzle (love this one for kidlets!)
And although these have been about gifts and things, always remember the true reason for the season. Until next time…

11 responses to “Gift Ideas for Under $100 for Friends & Family

  1. Great picks, lady! A notepad or that puzzle would be a perfect gift!

  2. Give me all the naps!!!! I have a “create your own puzzle” with my sons name on it. A great gift for anyone!

  3. Love your picks! Those notepads are too cute!
    xo Southern Style

  4. Cracking up over that sweatshirt … love it 🙂 And those Anthro steak knives are just my style!

  5. Having Cute Notepads is a plus!! Love it 🙂

  6. Great ideas! I love the puzzle. 🙂

  7. Stopping over from the link up! The waterproof speaker is brilliant! im putting it on my list to ask for!! Love it all!!

  8. I really should invest in a shower speaker, so handy!

  9. A waterproof speaker? I think i just found the perfect present:)

  10. That sweatshirt. Love!