The one with Rottnest Island

To my fellow Americans: happy Thanksgiving Eve {yes it’s a thing}! By the time you read this, the sun will be setting on Thanksgiving Eve in Perth, Western Australia and we Blantons will be resting up for burgers and Cheerwine 😉 No, no turkey for us on actual Thanksgiving – though we are making a weekend trip with some friends to celebrate the holiday belatedly on Saturday – but rather we’re escaping to an American bar here that stocks DDP (Cheerwine for Barr – one of his faves), almost authentic burgers, and non stop sports (even college games!)

But before the respective big meals (in true American fashion), enjoy some stories and snaps from a recent trip to Rottnest Island. Locally known here in WA as “Rotto”, Rottnest is a little island off the coast of Perth – we hadnt been yet, so a work team event for a day on the island was great timing to enjoy some of the amazing weather we’ve been enjoying.

A Rottnest beach from the boat on our way in

A Rottnest beach from the boat on our way in: beautiful white sand beaches and blue waters

Historically, the island was part of an 17th century European colony, followed by an Aboriginal prison, then an internment camp for suspected enemy Austrians and Germans during WWI and WWII, and now a tourist destination. And what a destination:

RottnestIslandAbbysRoads361 RottnestIslandAbbysRoads433

Rottnest Island doesn’t have a hotel, per say, but does have little “chalets” that you can rent for the night, the week, the month – they’re a bit rustic, but I suppose it’s all part of the experience 🙂

If you’re only going for the day (like us), you can enjoy some of the beaches:


Take a bike ride on one of the many trails that snake through the island:


A biking quokka and I

Hike around the dunes and hills:


Barr was much braver than I

Barr was much braver than I

Selfie time!

Selfie time!

Or enjoy a meal/drinks with a quokka, the happiest animal on the planet (what did we do before Buzzfeed?)! A quokka is a little animal (about the size of a domestic cat) in the marsupial family, so it moves around a lot like a kangaroo. Rottnest Island is the only place in the world where native quokkas can be found, and they’re very gentle (at least the ones we encountered on the island.)

Quokkas everywhere

Quokkas everywhere

You can find more adorable pictures of quokkas here and here…oh and here:

This is NOT photoshopped, people! This selfie with Barr, a work friend, and their new quokka buddy is 100% the real deal :)

This is NOT photoshopped, people! This selfie with Barr, a work friend, and their new quokka buddy is 100% the real deal 🙂

Now I hope all of y’all, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, have a safe and festive holiday season 🙂 Home really is where your heart is and I pray all my friends, family, and readers’ hearts are full and happy. Until next time…

4 responses to “The one with Rottnest Island

  1. I can’t get over the quokka selfie! I feel like it needs to be sent to Ellen pronto!

  2. I love Cheerwine also! I got excited when I saw you got in here, but then sad that it was only one place. The picture with the quokka selfie is amazing. You should turn that into a meme. It could go viral.

  3. *LOL* what an amazing picture!!! I also want a quokka-selfie, but I haven’t seen anyone around. Probably too cold for them up here in Denmark:)