The one with the truth about pricey Perth

I hope it is crystal clear that I do really like Perth (examples of my continued affinity for this fine city can be found here, here, and here); however, one of the toughest aspects of living in this city would be the exorbitant expense one incurs just by doing the most basic things.

Paris, NYC, and Perth

This was never more evident than when I returned to the states earlier this year and made a grocery store run. In Perth, $100 (USD) worth of groceries creeps up on you quickly – I can barely get out of a Coles or Wooly’s here with 3 or 4 days worth of necessities (and no, not even “fancy” groceries…we’re talking basics) for that amount. No bueno. When I was back stateside, however, I was pleasantly surprised (okay, you could have picked me up off the floor so great was my delight and shock) that I could get twice as much food (and throw some wine in that mix for good measure) for half of  the same amount in Perth. To all Charlotte, NC Harris Teeter’s: I will never take you for granted ever again.

And this is just one example. I could go on and on, but as my dad always told me: nobody likes a whiner 😉 So instead I’ll just give y’all some cold, hard facts:

  • The exact ranking varies based upon which survey is referenced, but Perth has, in the last 7 years or so, always been on a global listing of one of the most expensive cities in the world (check it out here and here if you want your proof)
  • The mining and energy boom (and subsequent wage spikes) in Western Australia is the oft-referenced culprit of these high prices on anything from groceries to rent to a drink to your morning coffee
  • Perth’s isolated location also doesn’t help its cause in keeping prices down; the labor (or do you reckon I should say “labour”?) alone to get certain goods out to Perth ends up costing the consumer dearly

There you have it. And here I thought Dubai would eclipse Perth in daily costs, but no no my friends – Perth “wins” (?) that one every single time. Ahh well. When you have lovely weather, scenery, wine, and people, there has to be some hitch, right? Until next time…

Image via (also, clearly this is an old picture given how the skyline looks now…)

4 responses to “The one with the truth about pricey Perth

  1. They told us it was the “sunshine tax”…

  2. I quite enjoy that for Robbo and I to attend a movie and eat some popcorn that it costs roughly $60 … smh

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