The one with the Queen’s Birthday

I’m baaaaaaack!! We returned to Perth yesterday morning from a week long trip to Mauritius – it was a bit last minute, but it was a vacation that had been on our bucket list for awhile now, and when the timing worked out, we jumped on the chance. More on that journey later in the week once I wade through the pictures…

Mauritius was paradise

Mauritius was paradise

In the meantime, we have a public holiday here in Perth today! What is the occasion, you may ask? The Queen’s “Official” Birthday.

Hey girl. Happy Birthday, officially!

When I first heard about this public holiday, I was a tad confused as I thought that her birthday was celebrated in the UK in June at the Trooping of the Color (although anyone that is a weirdo that loves the royals like me knows her actual day of birth is in April..duh); however, the Commonwealth countries hold the annual celebrations at a date/season that best coincides with their good weather. June is fall/winter for Perth, so Western Australia holds off until September. September 29, 2014 to be exact!

I get HOW many pieces of cake??

To that end, Western Australia is unique in their birthday timing compared to the rest of Australia. Every Australian state except Western Australia holds the public holiday on the second Monday in June because here in WA we have Western Australia Day on the first Monday in June, so as to not jam pack June (and to align with school holidays here as well as the Perth Royal show – their version of the state fair), Perth and the surrounds ring in the Queen’s birthday on the last Monday in September. There are also some random WA city exceptions.

So there you go! ❤ any excuse to discuss the British royal family 😉 Until next time…

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  1. Can’t wait to hear about your trip, it sounds (and looks) absolutely lovely. But in the meantime, I’m enamored by the Queen’s hats. How pretty are they? I’m thinking Derby…! Thanks for keeping us updated Abby. Keep the posts coming!