The one about Vegemite, an Aussie icon

I had planned for today’s post to be all about how “spring had sprung” here in Perth, but alas, it appears the weather gods had other plans. My idea to take loads of pictures of the blooming flowers, sunny beaches, and cute spring-y outfits was thwarted starting Saturday morning when some miserable winds, rain, and clouds blew through Perth (and are still doing so, actually). Bummer! Stay tuned on that front, folks…

So we’ll move up my thoughts on an Australian icon, Vegemite. The unappetizing paste is a beloved Aussie spread, used like butter or jam, typically on toast/a sandwich. Australian kids are Vegemite kids, as evidenced by the picture below (coupled with countless ads) – Vegemite and fairy bread (white bread slathered with butter, topped with sprinkles) – yikes!

“My First Vegemite” (Via Sydney Morning Herald)

Vegemite is a wholly Australian product, developed by Cyril P. Callister (an Australian chemist and food technologist (?)) in 1922 in good ole’ Melbourne; he used the British-created Marmite as a jumping off point. Who knew there were multiple, global brewer’s yeast spreads? That brings me to what Vegemite is comprised of: leftover brewer’s yeast extract (and some other vegetable and spice additives). If I could describe the taste/smell of it, I’d say it’s a bit like soy sauce, but thicker – bread-ier, if that makes sense…

How to Eat Vegemite (Via

Surprisingly, Vegemite is very high in B vitamins and very low in fat. That being said, it’s super salty (high in sodium). Now, I love some salty foods, but I’ll tell you what: Vegemite is an extreme!

You’ll find Vegemite at pretty much every cafe, coffee, or breakfast spot in Australia. And I think you’d be hard pressed to find an Australian kitchen that doesn’t have it in its pantry (in fact when we moved into our house here in Perth, one of the supplied sundries was the lovely yellow jar of the stuff). Unfortunately, because Vegemite isn’t gluten free, I can’t usually indulge – shucks! 😉

Check out this cute video of some American children trying Vegemite for the first time. Hilarious! Though I think you’d find plenty of Aussie kids who would disagree with these reactions. Until next time…

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