The one about the re-entry blues

Have you ever returned home from a vacation and felt a little blue? The worst, huh? Well, coming back “home”, which is thousands of miles away from a majority of your friends and family, is doubly challenging, let me tell you. And maybe it’s just {partly} the jet lag talking 😉 Lack of sleep will do that to you, too!

Coming and going can be tough both physically and mentally, but getting back to a routine is key – and as my mother has always sagely told me, “You have to make yourself happy.” 🙂 This is all to say that I am of course happy – just getting back into the swing of things after a fun vacation or trip is always tricky.

So how can you cope with these so called re-entry blues? Here are some of my thoughts..

  • Stay busy! When you’re days are full, you don’t have time to miss family, friends, and hubby (at work) – head to the gym or go for a walk, grab a coffee (or glass of vino) with a friend you haven’t caught up with in awhile, explore your city (I, for instance, want to visit a new (for me) beach here in Perth
  • Unpack, clean, and de-clutter! Take a page out of Karen Simpson’s book and don’t be idle. Barr doesn’t like to unpack until about two weeks after returning from a trip, so I take it upon myself to unpack and reorganize (not such a sacrifice since I’m an organizer at heart). Also, after a few days/weeks away, cleaning up your home can be necessary and therapeutic.
  • Volunteer and count those blessings! Doing something for others can help you really put things in perspective. Sure, I miss my family and friends back in the states/Dubai, but heck, we live in Australia – who am I to complain? (Along those same lines, particularly when I can’t sleep due to jet lag, I remember a song from one of my favorite movies, White Christmas – just “…count your blessings instead of sheep…” That Bing Crosby really knows his stuff.)

  • Develop a new skill! Remember my knitting class? Well, I’m planning to sign up for another – with so many friends having bambinos, I want to make some baby blankies 🙂

So there you have it. Remember that you have to be able to make you happy – returning from a fun trip isn’t always easy, but staying busy is key. Until next time…



6 responses to “The one about the re-entry blues

  1. Yes… keep busy knitting 🙂

  2. I’m really bad at unpacking, but you’re so right: Unpacking really helps you feel like you’re home and not just waiting to go somewhere.

  3. Fake it ’till you make it is my motto!!!

  4. I love coming home from travelling but sometimes it is a bit bittersweet.