The one about jet lag

We’re back to Perth, and I’m back to blogging! It is a personal goal of mine to keep up the blogging on a regular basis – our long travels (and subsequent visits with friends and family) threw a bit of a wrench into consistent writing, but as we round the corner into spring (southern hemisphere, folks!), I am taking a vow to keep up the good ol’ blogging!

So before I launch into a review in (a few) pictures of our trip to the states, I thought I’d talk about my current state of mind: jet lag. After 38 (isn) hours of air travel and (exactly) a 12 hour time difference, to say we’re a little off on our sleeping patterns would be an understatement. When I fly those long haul flights, I try to drink lots of water and set my watch to the destination time as soon as I board so I can start the acclimation process ASAP, but there’s always an adjustment period. Some of the folks Barr work with do these long haul flights once a month (or more!) – I don’t know how they do it!

And this lovely face was BEFORE all our travel. You don't want to see the after...

And this lovely face was BEFORE all our travel even began. You don’t want to see the after…

It is said that traveling east to west (coming back to Perth from the east coast of the states) is easier on our circadian clock than went to east, and I would tend to agree. That being said, it is also said that for every time zone you cross, it takes that same amount of days (approximately) to recover – per that math, I guess we’ll be back on track in about 2 weeks…yikes!!!



  • Staying hydrated
  • Shunning (or at least attempting to shun) naps
  • Moderate exercise
  • A alternating combination of melatonin and caffeine

….are some of my standby tips for battling jet lag…do y’all have any additions? I’m open to ideas, given my 8PM bedtime and 4AM wake up call! 🙂

Hope y’all had fab Labor Day weekends, and until next time…

5 responses to “The one about jet lag

  1. I hear exposure to sunlight helps. We had the WORST time this summer when we got back from Houston. And with 120f outside, the last thing I wanted to do was be outside! Maybe that’s why it was so bad?? I agree with your graphic – the way there was a breeze – even for the kids. Good luck!

    • I can only imagine coming back to Dubai in the midst of the (summer) heat!! It’s been raining here, so maybe I need to get one of those vitamin D/sunshine lamps 😉 Hope you’re well xoxo

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  3. I was a flight attendant for four years and never found a cure for jet lag 😦