The one about the Aussie-Kiwi Rivalry

I dare you to tell a Kiwi (individual that is from New Zealand) that you love their Australian accent. Chances are, it won’t go so well (trust me, I’ve made this error…more than once – I now just keep my mouth shut and am beginning to glean the differences in the accent – slowly but surely).

I mean they’re pretty similar flags, yall!!

Or mention the All Blacks (NZ) versus Wallabies (Australia) rugby clashes. I’ve seen these heated arguments about the Bledisloe Cup (rugby, of course) between a handful of New Zealanders and Australians; alcohol may have been involved, but still: heated! Australia hasn’t won the Cup since 2002 – although this year it did end in a draw – mini redemption!

This is the traditional NZ Haka dance that the All Blacks do before each match to intimidate opponents. Australians reacted with the clip below. Rivalry heightened. (via BuzzFeed)

Before we moved to Perth, I never gave the relationship between the two nations much thought – I’ll even admit that I thought their accents were essentially the same and probably when I was {much} younger, they were part of the same country. Embarrassing, I know. But it wasn’t until we moved to Australia that I saw this [semi] good-natured rivalry first hand.

So what else do New Zealand and Australia rival over? Here’s a quick cheat sheet list:

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand, one of the filming locations for LOTR (via

  • Sports: beyond rugby, we’ve got cricket rivalry, football, basketball, etc
  • Pavlova: who REALLY invented this delicious dessert? I may have to give this one to NZ  based on what I’ve heard…

The delectable pavlova (via

The rivalry is all in good fun (except when the sports are on – then it’s game on) – one of the first things we experienced when we moved here was ANZAC Day, which stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps Day. I was really impressed and touched by the evident camaraderie between New Zealand and Australia – when the chips are down, they’re absolutely allies. A bit like Canada and the states, eh yall? 🙂

Ill leave you with a funny little clip from one of my favorite shows, Flight of the Conchords (RIP) about the rivalry – cracks me up every time. Until next time….

3 responses to “The one about the Aussie-Kiwi Rivalry

  1. I never gave the rivalry much thought until I watched the Flight of the Concords. Love it.

  2. haha we watched the first season of flight of the conchords when it was on..but never watched that one !! love it! so many aussies in dubai, yet to meet enough kiwis here tho!