The one where Perth is the most isolated city in the world

Is it? Well, it depends on the definition you want to use. Certainly a number of folks have quoted Perth as being so (myself and Barr included!) And just FYI, there’s an entire header in the Wikipedia entry dedicated to the top of “Isolation“. 

The nearest city to Perth with a population greater than 100,000 is Adelaide, which is still a whopping 1,300 miles away, not to mention the population of Perth (just shy of 2 million) is greater than all the rest of Western Australia, Northern Territory, and South Australia (west of Adelaide, that is) combined. Here’s a map for reference (I know I just rattled off a lot of Aussie geography…)

That being said, some also may argue that most remote city in the world (with a population in excess of 1 million) is Auckland, New Zealand. In the case of Auckland, the nearest city of comparable size or greater is Sydney, which is 1,348 miles away; however, Perth is a close second (we’re talking by a HAIR) using that same criteria, with Adelaide being 1,307 miles away.

Gives you a bit of perspective on the size of WA (via

But this isn’t about Auckland. Back to Perth. Good ol’ Perth is  geographically closer to both  East Timor and Jakarta, Indonesia than Sydney. So for those of you that think the flight to Sydney is just a hop, skip, and a jump away, you are mistaken. (Though if anyone is so inclined to visit Sydney, we Blantons will meet you there!)

That brings me to the other thought with regards to Perth’s isolationism: you get very…I won’t say “comfortable”, but maybe used to…very, very, very long flights. It’s a way of life. I swear, native Perth folk are plane warriors; they’ve been dealing with these long flights (should they want to fly interstate or internationally) for forever. After having lived in Perth, I will never again blink an eye at a flight that is less than 10 hours.

So what is prompting this? Well, we’re off to the states (yes, again – and Barr is coming this time!) for some dear friends’ wedding and some much needed family time, and we are taking the Sydney to Dallas route…and yes, this is the longest flight in the world (by miles traveled) – this is a recent development after the Newark-Singapore route was cancelled last fall. We’ll be flying 8,578 miles non-stop, or around 15.5 hours.

SYD-DFW flight route (via

Ahhh Perth…we love you, you isolated city! Until next time….

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  1. I know what you mean – I used to think the flight to Europe from TX was a killer, but now that we’ve done the Dubai-Houston flight so many times – I feel like flying to London or Paris from Houston would be a breeze! I have to say… I am SICK of that long flight to Houston! Have a great trip! 🙂

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