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The one with the Perth friendlies

You may have seen some incredible footage a few weeks ago of a man whose leg was trapped between the gap of the platform and train and was miraculously rescued by his fellow commuters as they pushed the train upwards. But did you know that this miraculous and kind-hearted rescue happened right here in Perth?

The story quickly spread worldwide:



So mind the gap, yall! And remember those Perth friendlies 🙂 Until next time…



The one about the Aussie-Kiwi Rivalry

I dare you to tell a Kiwi (individual that is from New Zealand) that you love their Australian accent. Chances are, it won’t go so well (trust me, I’ve made this error…more than once – I now just keep my mouth shut and am beginning to glean the differences in the accent – slowly but surely).

I mean they’re pretty similar flags, yall!!

Or mention the All Blacks (NZ) versus Wallabies (Australia) rugby clashes. I’ve seen these heated arguments about the Bledisloe Cup (rugby, of course) between a handful of New Zealanders and Australians; alcohol may have been involved, but still: heated! Australia hasn’t won the Cup since 2002 – although this year it did end in a draw – mini redemption!

This is the traditional NZ Haka dance that the All Blacks do before each match to intimidate opponents. Australians reacted with the clip below. Rivalry heightened. (via BuzzFeed)

Before we moved to Perth, I never gave the relationship between the two nations much thought – I’ll even admit that I thought their accents were essentially the same and probably when I was {much} younger, they were part of the same country. Embarrassing, I know. But it wasn’t until we moved to Australia that I saw this [semi] good-natured rivalry first hand.

So what else do New Zealand and Australia rival over? Here’s a quick cheat sheet list:

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand, one of the filming locations for LOTR (via

  • Sports: beyond rugby, we’ve got cricket rivalry, football, basketball, etc
  • Pavlova: who REALLY invented this delicious dessert? I may have to give this one to NZ  based on what I’ve heard…

The delectable pavlova (via

The rivalry is all in good fun (except when the sports are on – then it’s game on) – one of the first things we experienced when we moved here was ANZAC Day, which stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps Day. I was really impressed and touched by the evident camaraderie between New Zealand and Australia – when the chips are down, they’re absolutely allies. A bit like Canada and the states, eh yall? 🙂

Ill leave you with a funny little clip from one of my favorite shows, Flight of the Conchords (RIP) about the rivalry – cracks me up every time. Until next time….

The one where Perth is the most isolated city in the world

Is it? Well, it depends on the definition you want to use. Certainly a number of folks have quoted Perth as being so (myself and Barr included!) And just FYI, there’s an entire header in the Wikipedia entry dedicated to the top of “Isolation“. 

The nearest city to Perth with a population greater than 100,000 is Adelaide, which is still a whopping 1,300 miles away, not to mention the population of Perth (just shy of 2 million) is greater than all the rest of Western Australia, Northern Territory, and South Australia (west of Adelaide, that is) combined. Here’s a map for reference (I know I just rattled off a lot of Aussie geography…)

That being said, some also may argue that most remote city in the world (with a population in excess of 1 million) is Auckland, New Zealand. In the case of Auckland, the nearest city of comparable size or greater is Sydney, which is 1,348 miles away; however, Perth is a close second (we’re talking by a HAIR) using that same criteria, with Adelaide being 1,307 miles away.

Gives you a bit of perspective on the size of WA (via

But this isn’t about Auckland. Back to Perth. Good ol’ Perth is  geographically closer to both  East Timor and Jakarta, Indonesia than Sydney. So for those of you that think the flight to Sydney is just a hop, skip, and a jump away, you are mistaken. (Though if anyone is so inclined to visit Sydney, we Blantons will meet you there!)

That brings me to the other thought with regards to Perth’s isolationism: you get very…I won’t say “comfortable”, but maybe used to…very, very, very long flights. It’s a way of life. I swear, native Perth folk are plane warriors; they’ve been dealing with these long flights (should they want to fly interstate or internationally) for forever. After having lived in Perth, I will never again blink an eye at a flight that is less than 10 hours.

So what is prompting this? Well, we’re off to the states (yes, again – and Barr is coming this time!) for some dear friends’ wedding and some much needed family time, and we are taking the Sydney to Dallas route…and yes, this is the longest flight in the world (by miles traveled) – this is a recent development after the Newark-Singapore route was cancelled last fall. We’ll be flying 8,578 miles non-stop, or around 15.5 hours.

SYD-DFW flight route (via

Ahhh Perth…we love you, you isolated city! Until next time….

Perth Blogger Collaboration: Favorite Eatery for Dinner

When we first moved to Perth, I was thrilled to find spots to have delicious coffee, as well as breakfast and brunch; however, after a few weeks, I still struggled to find a great restaurant at which to have dinner.

What to do!?

Well, after eating my way through a few places that had been recommended and written about on local Perth blogs, I thought that maybe a collaborative post with some of my favorite Perth bloggers would provide both my readers and selfishly, myself (!) with some ideas with their favorite spots to have dinner. So here you have it: a smattering of some of my favorite Perth bloggers and their favorite dinner spot in the area. And these fellow bloggers were so incredibly kind and helpful in this collaborative post 🙂

A big thank you to all of the contributing ladies – yall gave some great ones that I cant wait to try out ASAP. And check out their blogs as well; each has a fun and different voice, with topics ranging from food, lifestyle, and fashion. Bon appetit!

  • Adelle of Where the Styled Things Are
    • Kent Street Deli has an eclectic/quirky feel, with miss matched plates from the 70’s, to home made delights using fresh produce. Just a street away from the beach, it’s an idyllic location for any meal of the day. Breakfasts are a delight enough to make any big eater satisfied, lunches are my favourite in the chicken and leek pie with a jar of layered salad, and if you are lucky enough to get in on the Saturday night bistro (first in first served) I can guarantee a delicious 3 course meal (try the chocolate fondant!!). Not to mention freshly squeezed juice, healthy shakes and an abundance of vegan and raw treats. The perfect road trip opportunity!
    • 8 Kent Street, Rockingham, WA
Via WhereTheStyledThingsAre

Via WhereTheStyledThingsAre

  • Amanda of The Chef, his Wife, and their PERTHfect Life
    • Choosing a favourite Perth restaurant for me is like a mother having to choose a favourite child – especially if you have 15 children! It’s a tough one, but I’d have to choose Print Hall, in Perth city. I’m cheating a little, as this is a multi-venue. A chat over champagne with Jerry, oyster shucker extraordinaire, is a must before dinner. Print Hall offers a bar menu and finer food in their chic dining room. My husband and I absolutely love Apple Daily, the Asian street food bar upstairs. The food is so authentic and great to share. The roof top bar Bobs is great for a drink under the city skyscrapers too.
    • 125 St. Georges Terrace, Perth, WA
  • Carly of Perth Munchkin
    • With so many lovely places in Perth to eat these days but one for me that has been a long time consistent performer is Divido in Mt Hawthorn. It’s largely an Italian menu with all their pastas made in house and some really interesting and delicious flavour combinations. My very favourite dish there is their Wood Roasted Half Duck, which comes served with buckwheat polenta, mustard fruits, spring onion and porcini sauce. Just divine! They also have a Champagnes Tuesday special where it is three courses with a glass of bubbles for just $65. Such an excellent venue and the food is incredible.
    • 170 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn, WA
  • Kristy of Queen of Bad Timing
    • When it comes to a guaranteed great night out, there’s no going past Beaufort Street’s little hole in the wall, Bivouac. With an ever changing menu and delicious, seasonal dishes I always enjoy every meal I eat here – and to top it off there’s a great wine list to work your way through too. If you ever stop by I definitely recommend ordering their croquettes – they are crunchy, creamy and the perfect bite.
    • 198 William Street, Perth, WA
  • Lyvia & Anna of Savour The Moment Perth
    • Bread In Common in Fremantle is a warehouse turned kitchen and bakery, peeled back to its exposed brick walls and concrete floors that features communal tables throughout the restaurant. Bread In Common is all about sharing: Their ricotta gnocchi was simple but beautiful, but their dessert stands out the most. Their peanut mousse dessert was absolutely outstanding — both in taste and presentation.
    • 43 Pakenham Street, Fremantle, WA


  • Natalie of iMasticate
    • I love running around to taste different food rather than visiting the same place over and over, especially with so many new restaurants popping up around Perth. However, the Bonsai in Northbridge is one of my long-time favourites for special occasion dinners. It serves up fantastic Japanese-fusion food that you can share with family and friends!
    • 30 Roe Street, Northbridge, WA
  • Simone of & (also Perth Mix 94.5 Announcer, 12-4PM, weekdays and fellow Dubai transfer!)
    • My recommendation is Satsuki in Subiaco. It’s completely underrated as a venue. Tucked away near Subiaco train station it has very decent prices and really quality Japanese food. Look out for the weekday specials. It’s perfect for those watching their figures as the food is lean and fresh and it’s licensed.
    • 50 Subiaco Square Road, Subiaco, WA
  • Su of Oyster and Pearl (and a very happy birthday to her!)
    • Currently the pick for my favourite chow spot in Perth has to be Jezebelle in Guildford. Embarrassingly I’m a new fan as it appears to be a favourite among many, although somewhat of a well kept secret. The service and decor is matched by its exceptional food. The menu is seasonal and the perfect dish for this Perth winter has to be their slow cooked beef cheeks served on some of the creamiest polenta you’ve ever had. Accented with pickled mushrooms, which is the perfect flavour compliment, it’s a dish that doesn’t disappoint. Do leave room for the churros with dulce de leche sauce. San Churros ain’t got nothing on these and I will make the big call that these are THE best churros in Perth. Swing by on a Sunday afternoon for an extra special treat of live music while you eat and drink.
    • 127 James Street, Guildford, WA

Photo courtesy of Su of Oyster & Pearl


Photo courtesy of Su of Oyster & Pearl

  • Susie of Thorn Family Adventures in Oz
    • The best fish and chips are from the Groper and His Wife, but it is counter only service so place your order and enjoy eating at the park across the street. Another one of our all time favorites is Amphoras in West Perth.  Fantastic food and excellent service.  They seriously have the best paella I have ever enjoyed outside of Spain.
    • Groper & His Wife: 14/31 Gayton Road, City Beach, WA
    • Amphoras: 1303 Hay Street, West Perth, WA

Enjoy these delicious recommendations and local Perth bloggers – they’re the best! Until next time…

The one where we said goodbye to Dubai

Tomorrow I go off to do my favorite thing: pack and organize! And in all fairness, only one of those is really my favorite thing (the latter), but I seem to do the former a lot. But that’s okay! Just means we get to go to plenty of new and different places 🙂

Burj Khalifa on National Day 2013

Burj Khalifa on National Day 2013

The majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

The majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

I will be making the eleven hour flight from PER to DXB (direct, yall!) to pack up and say good bye to the UAE. As I mentioned before, this is a bittersweet move as we have loved our time in Dubai and met some incredible friends and seen some amazing places. When we went to Dubai for a portion of our honeymoon almost three years ago, I dont think either of us ever dreamed that we would be back…to live. Inshallah this won’t be our last visit to Dubai.

Dubai - I'll miss you!

Dubai – we’ll miss you!

Leaving Dubai is already looking to be a challenge as many of our utilities and documents are in my husband’s name, leaving me in a bit of a pickle until he gets there…so yall know what that means? That’s right: packing and organizing! I thought maybe beach time, but given that the heat index is tipping in at around 110F, I may pass…there’s always shopping! 😉 Shhh, just dont tell Barr!

Cant believe it's almost been one year since we moved to the UAE

Cant believe it’s almost been one year since we moved to the UAE

Given all of this, there may be some sporadic posts over the next week as we ship items back to the states, try to sell furniture, close bank accounts, cancel visas, etc, but I’ll be back, and with one less apartment to concern myself with in this big ol’ world! TGIF and until next time…

National Day fireworks (duh) at the Burj al Arab

National Day fireworks (duh) at the Burj al Arab