The one about knitting

Despite my height, I am not a natural athlete. Despite my degree in Economics, I struggle with maintaining a family budget. And despite my sweet grandmother, Mema, being a fabulous knitter, this is not a hereditary trait. So during an Introduction to Knitting workshop held by a local crafting meet-up group, Craft Bound, you can imagine how I fared…

Craft Bound Perth's workshop materials for Introduction to Knitting

Craft Bound Perth’s workshop materials for Introduction to Knitting

There were just a handful of us (all women this time around) and our instructor. Bless her heart being so helpful and patient with me because as the class progressed, it became painfully obvious that I was going to need to some remedial attention 😉 And even though my fellow knit-ees moved on from the knit stitch to the purl stitch (and beyond for some!), I still struggled to coordinate those damn knitting needles with the most basic of stitches…well, maybe not so “basic” to me.

This is how I felt…okay, how I feel, when knitting

It was all in good fun, however, and at least I now have plenty of yarn to practice with at home. And you’ll be glad to know that I have now mastered the inital stitch and movement (though I still have that awkwardness about me). Ahh well, slow and steady wins the race! I will (hopefully) be knitting up some goodies just like my Mema in no time.

You can read more about my experience in Craft Bound’s Introduction to Knitting workshop here, and if you’re local to Perth, check out their site for other craft workshops and meet-ups – it’s a great little company and community. And until next time…

I am so easily entertained

4 responses to “The one about knitting

  1. Ha that picture! I’m sure that was what Jay-Z originally had in mind:)
    I used to knit a lot when I was younger, but the last couple of years I’ve mostly supervised my moms knitting (for me):)

  2. Hey Abby, Just found your blog. Thought you’d be interested to read this post from back at the beginning of 2012:

    A long haul flight sounds like a great opportunity for some knitting practice 🙂
    Sally x

    • Sally – you’d be so impressed (maybe shocked is a better word!) at my progress. Ill have to post a picture of it so far. Thank you so much for all your help – I’m really enjoying it so far and cant wait to learn more 🙂

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