The one about the Commonwealth Games

Do you love the Olympics? Waiting every four years for those great athletes, obscure (and not so obscure) sporting events, and of course, the glory of your country?

Well, if you live in a country that is a member of part of the [British] Commonwealth, dont give it a second thought because you have access to cheer for your country in the Commonwealth Games!

The 2014 games are being held in Glasgow, Scotland (image via Wikipedia)

Coverage of the 2014 Commonwealth Games has taken over Australian news as of late – I get to get my fill of netball, lawn bowling (!), badminton, and field hockey (in addition to your more high profile swimming, track and field, and gymnastics).

The games are attended by athletes from the 53 Commonwealth Nations (including Australia, duh) – and each of the four nations from the UK (Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) participate under their own flag – all countries that are invited are part of the British Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Nations is comprised of 2.2billion people – that’s over 1/3 of the global population! 

(Side note: I def remember hearing about the games during our time in Canada, another Commonwealth nation).

Oh Canada!

The Commonwealth Games are held every four years in a Commonwealth Nation (this year is Glasgow and in 2018 it will be held in Gold Coast, Australia). Also, Australia continues to dominant medal count….these athletic Aussies! 🙂

The Australian 2014 Commonwealth Games uniforms – there was a lot of chatter about how bad these outfits are. I will withhold my opinion…

All time Commonwealth Games medal table as of 2014 (via Wikipedia)

All time Commonwealth Games medal table as of 2014 (via Wikipedia)

And now for your viewing pleasure, the impetus for this post: the hilarious John Oliver on the Commonwealth Games in a segment entitled “How is that still a thing?” Commonwealth-ers: hopefully you can laugh at this one 😉 In the meantime, go sports and go Australia as the games continue through August 3 (and if youre not into sports, Kate Middleton & Co will be spectating on Monday and Tuesday – if that isnt good enough reason to watch the Commonwealth Games, I dont know what is!) Until next time…

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