The one about Perth’s coffee scene

Perth takes coffee seriously, yall. Like really seriously. I never gave coffee too much thought before we moved to Australia; I liked my grande skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks…knew the order with my eyes shut, knew how it would taste, knew I didnt need to add a thing to it.

Then we moved to Perth.

My initial reaction…

There is no Starbucks here. No Coffee Bean. No Second Cup. And Perth peeps literally scoff (and judge you big time) when you ask if there is a Starbucks here, disgusted that you would deign to put Starbucks in the same category as their unique coffee shops and drinks.

(Side note: when we were in Sydney, there were Starbucks (eureka!), but they were all literally dead; the other local coffee shops were far more bustling than the Starbucks.)

Gordon Street Garage in West Perth

Gordon Street Garage in West Perth

Some of my BFF baristas at Halo

The Perth coffee culture (and it is indeed a culture, no sarcasm here) is rich and vibrant – I dont know if/how I can ever go back to my grande skinny vanilla latte after indulging in Gordon Street Garage‘s flat white or Halo Espresso‘s long mac.

And I’ve had to learn a lot about coffee and the different espresso drinks – Barr too! He ordered an iced coffee and got a dollop of vanilla ice cream in his drink…surprise!

Which would you choose?

And it goes beyond the yummy (and of course, highly caffeinated drinks)…it’s the friendly staff who always greet you with a jaunty “how ya goin’?” (sadly, each of the five cashiers at Halo know me by name – and I know that there are five of them) and the cozy interiors of literally each coffee shop.

And I’m not the only one in awe of Perth’s coffee scene: George Calombaris (of my beloved Masterchef fame, as well as his renowned Melbourne restaurants) was recently in Perth for the Perth Good Food and Wine show and extolled the virtues of Perth’s growing coffee culture. 

So here’s a [small] list of some of my favorite coffee shops in Perth – and it’s ever growing! Let me know if you have any additions or suggestions 🙂 And to anyone that visits us in Perth (particularly my Starbucks-loving Americans!), I promise you will be a changed coffee drinker once you have a Perth cuppa (and to any non-coffee drinkers, there are plenty of options for you – my personal fave: a chai latte…yum!)

Until next time..

PS – Shout out to my dad for suggesting this topic as a post! 🙂


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