The one where I learned the term “Perthed”

My friend (currently, yes, this is pretty singular) here in Perth introduced me to a new term the other week: Perthed. Before I explain, let me give you a bit of background.

Via Oh She Glows

Being more of a morning person than a night owl, one of the things that I really struggled with in Dubai was the fact that hardly anything opened before 10-11AM. I mean the earliest coffee shop opened at 8AM – a far cry from the 5AM opening time of the Starbucks back in Charlotte! On the flip side of this, however, was the fact that shops/restaurants stayed open LATE – it wasn’t unusual to have the malls open to midnight (and during religious holidays, sometimes open all night long!)

Fast forward to Perth: people here are definitely morning people – my kind of people! But for every positive, there’s a negative, and in this case, it is that everything – and I mean everything – here in Perth closes early. Malls: closing time 5PM. A restaurant’s kitchen usually is done by 9PM, and if you’re wandering in at 845PM, you’re getting some dirty looks for sure. The little street around the corner from us is bustling in the mornings, but is dead by 830PM. Now of course there are exceptions to this, but for the most part, one will find that this is the norm, especially during the work week.

Not a morning person? You may be in trouble here in Perth…

Back to the term Perthed – you’ve been “Perthed” if you go to the grocery store, a mall, a restaurant, you name it, and it’s closed already. And we’re not talking going at 11PM – we’re talking the grocery store is closing its doors to you promptly at 6PM! Oh you want some delivery or take away at 930PM? Too bad – Perthed big time (this is a true story from my husband).


No complaints here as I now know to make earlier reservations, pop to the grocery in the afternoon, and understand the fact that the people of Perth have mastered the art of day drinking 🙂

Well, I’m off to Sydney tomorrow morning for a long weekend with Barr and then heading to Adelaide in South Australia with a girlfriend  – there’s a great bit of wine country in that part of the country; we’re heading to the Barossa (pronounced Bar-rah-sa – say the “O” like an “A”) Valley (Penfolds, ya dig?!) and the Clare Valley. So any recommendations for Sydney, Adelaide or the Barossa/Clare, please let me know! I’ll definitely try to keep up a few posts (most likely picture heavy – the big girl camera is definitely making these trips!) over the next week or so – fingers crossed for sunny weather. Until next time…

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