Uniquely Australian – Same, Same but Different

How you going?

A different greeting for me, huh? Well that is one that you will hear everywhere in Perth (and Australia – I definitely heard it at the Melbourne and Sydney airports!) A typical Aussie hello.

Now, I do not presume to know everything about Perth/Australia in general – actually, far from it; however, in the short time that I have been here, I have noticed more and more things (restaurants and shops mostly) that look and seem familiar to that which one may find in the states, but upon further inspection, something is…well, uniquely Australian.

I bring you Exhibit A – a picture of a cereal that I am certain many fellow Americans will immediately recognize, but look a little closer…

Rice Bubbles (as taken by a fellow Perth expat)

The Aussie version is a better different than our Yankee version (and can we talk about the fact that bubbles dont snap, crackle, or pop?!?!):

Rice Krispies (via Wikipedia)

Exhibit B: Hungry Jack’s. What does the Aussie restaurant chain logo below remind you of?

Aussie Hungry Jack’s (via Wikipedia)

If you guessed Burger King, you are our winner! Now this one has a bit more history/explanation behind it. I won’t bore you with something you can read about here, but the gist of it is that Hungry Jack’s originally started as an official franchise of the US-based chain of Burger King, but things fell apart (read the Wikipedia page – I’m no lawyer). Interesting fact: Australia is the only country in the world where Burger King operated under a different name.

Via Swaussie.se – click the pic for a story about the case in more layman’s terms

Exhibit C: Target.

Yall, when I first saw the iconic red Target signage here in Perth, I literally almost cried – actually maybe I even teared up a little.

If you’ve ever been to a real Target (and you have a soul/shopper’s heart and/or youve been Target-deprived), youll understand – it was like a piece of home right here in Oz. Imagine my supreme disappointment when I entered the Australian Target and noticed that, while similar upon first glance, there were just things off from the version in which I was accustomed.

Australian Target logo (via Targettrek.com)


United States Target logo (via Wikipedia)

Similar enough where you’re deceived into thinking they’re the same, but when you look a little closer, it’s just a tad different. What I dont understand is how Australian Target, which is in no way associated with the American counterpart, can get away with this trickery!!

Dont get me wrong, at its most basic, the stores are essentially the same (both sell a wide array of items from clothes to toiletries to home goods, etc), but the level of quality in the products and stores themselves are definitely different.

So there you have it. Three exhibits that hopefully demonstrate some uniquely (oxymoron now that I am thinking about it?!) Australian – similar, but different. Now I am not complaining – it’s nice to have things that remind me of the states here in Perth, and truly, Australia is so cool in that they are so patriotic and unique, probably more so than any place I’ve visited; maybe the fact that the country is so isolated/an island that they’ve really developed (partly out of necessity) there own mark on language, culture, products, food, etc. Given that, I will probably make a mini series on things that are uniquely Australian – there’s no shortage of material! 🙂 Until next time…

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