The one where I Quit Sugar (!?!)

Yikes, yall. I’m alarmed even typing the title of this post, but no, you arent misreading things: I, Abby Blanton self professed sugar addict, am going to (attempt to) quit sugar. The impetus behind this was a friend of mine, who happened to show me the book, I Quit Sugar, by Sarah Wilson (an Aussie!) Sarah, my friend, and I all deal with some autoimmune issues (in varying degrees of severity – mine is Celiac Disease) – Sarah’s own health issues became so challenging that she decided to rectify the issue by cutting back on sugar. Actually, one of the main premises in her book is “Autoimmune + Sugar = Bad”; sugar can really affect one’s hormones (duh) and this can spell unnecessary discomfort for those with autoimmune disorders (or anyone really!)

Gosh, I really sound like I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid, huh? Given that, I wont regurgitate the book, but if you’re interested in learning more, check it out or the website I Quit Sugar. 

So, given my new found knowledge, the aforementioned friend and I are embarking on the I Quit Sugar 8 week detox program. In it, you basically are cutting back on sugar (natural and otherwise) for the first week before cutting it out for the remainder of the weeks. At the end of the 2 months, the theory is that you can reintroduce sugars back into your diet, but you wont have those same cravings. Honestly, yall I know I am addicted to sugar because it is day 2, and I have been suffering from withdrawal headaches – bad, right??

I have a feeling this will be me come day 5…. (via

That being said, the recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists that we are sent each week really make things easy and delicious! (And dont worry, you can still have wine, I absolutely checked) 😉 Here’s a look at my first lunch: a homemade veggie bread topped with avocado/feta smash – yum!

photo-28 So wish me luck – I will probably be posting some of my thoughts, recipe/pics, and rants/raves of this experience over the next few weeks. Here’s to a healthier (happier?) Abby! Until next time…

Note: I am not paid to write about I Quit Sugar or the 8 week program. All thoughts are my own. 

4 responses to “The one where I Quit Sugar (!?!)

  1. I’m impressed! And very curious – is Barr partaking in this challenge? I should try this!!

  2. I’m on week 2 of the IQS programme and I don’t feel tooo bad at the moment! I don’t have autoimmune disorders but I am very addicted to sugar and I felt that it was affecting my energy and hunger levels and mental health so I thought I’d give the 8-week detox a try. Good luck with yours 🙂