100th Post!

Wow! I couldn’t believe it when I posted yesterday and I was on my 99th post. It seems crazy to me that:

  1. I have kept this blog up as long as I have
  2. There are people still reading the blog (!)
  3. That Barr and I have been abroad for almost 10 months
  4. We are now living in Australia, something that wasnt really on the radar when we initially embarked upon this adventure

To all of yall that have read, liked, commented, re-blogged, etc Abby’s Roads, I thank you 🙂 Your comments (either in person or virtually) mean so very much to me. I’ve so enjoyed writing about my experiences, some of them more exciting than others, and to receive such kind feedback is really rewarding.

So how about some stats? WordPress offers a few statistics regarding readership, and while I’m not a slave to the numbers, I do enjoy seeing the patterns.

  • The United States, United Arab Emirates, and Canada are the top three countries from which I get hits (now I just need to up my Australia readers to capture all my former and present home countries!) Now, to my (few) readers in Guam, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan: spread the Abby’s Roads gospel 😉
  • People are inevitably curious (okay, nosy may be a better word – but I’m guilty of it too!) because my top viewed post is back when I posted on what our apartment in Dubai looked like – pictures get people every time!
  • The 2nd most viewed post is one of my personal favorites, and I’m really honored and pleased to say that True Life I’m an Expat Housewife is a popular post as well.
  • One of the stats provided is the search terms folks have used to get to my blog. You have your standard “Abby’s Roads”, “Abby Blanton”, etc, which I would expect; however, I love finding out the random searches people use – some faves include: “eid al adha 2013 similar to old testament”, “bambi learning to walk”, “pecan pie in abu dhabi”, and “abby simpson biltmore wedding”. Whatever gets ya here, yall!

Anywho, I bit of a random post today, but again, thank you for stopping by – it truly makes my day! Until next time…(and have great weekends!!)

3 responses to “100th Post!

  1. It is your readers who should be thanking you for sharing your life and thoughts via your blog. Have we missed you two? The answer is “Greatly.” Knowing that we could not hop in a car and drive for a few hours to see you two has been difficult, but your blog has eased our yearning immensely. You are a warm, giving person whom we treasure as a daughter-in-law. Looking forward to seeing you both in August. Love, David

  2. Congrats!!!!!!!!! Love reading your blog because we miss you so much and it helps us keep up with you and your fabulous adventures!!!

  3. Lovely! I share mutual feelings for point one and two! But you’ve done great, congratulations! 😀