UAE Art: Spotlight on Amira Rahim

Just in time for our move from the UAE (yup, we’ve touched down in Perth!), I found an artist whose work really appealed to me: the colors, the style, and the subjects – everything just worked, you know what I mean? I follow a Dubai-based online marketplace called Little Majlis on Instagram, and they posted a photo of one of Amira Rahim‘s pieces from her shop within their marketplace – I went to her Little Majlis “shopfront” and adored her other pieces! In particular she had a wonderful painting entitled Hajib Figure Study, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that I wanted it for our home.

Our lovely new piece of art


When we first moved to Dubai, Barr and I told each other that we wanted to leave the UAE with some unique art that really represented our time there, meant something to us. The seated woman wearing a colorful hajib by Amira was just the ticket. I emailed Amira the next day and requested the painting on canvas, and within a week picked up the painting from her home in Abu Dhabi – the process couldnt have been any smoother, and Amira was a real joy to work with – it was also really cool to meet her as she was a fellow American expat in the UAE – the world is small, yall! I cant wait to hang our beautiful painting 🙂 I particularly love the henna tattoos on the woman’s hands – such a special touch.

Happy, Sunny Palms: “This painting is a bright, happy illustration of palm trees that appear to be almost dancing. With the Dubai skyline in the foreground, it captures the essence of the UAE. Vibrant, bold, and ever-changing.”

Heat Wave: “This painting was inspired by life in the UAE. Hot, long summers with never-ending heat waves. A city as bright and vibrant as Abu Dhabi needed a contemporary abstract rendering.”

Definitely check out Amira’s Facebook, Instagram, and Little Majlis pages (as well as her personal website and blog) for more information on the artist, her pieces, and her story in the UAE. Her contemporary, abstract art is a true joy.

Amira Rahim's contact information

Amira Rahim’s contact information

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  1. I can see why you love these painting – they are faboosh!

  2. Oh my goodness, Abby you are such a sweetheart! I was googling my name to find another article that published today and couldn’t believe when I saw yours first. I’m so honored that you chose my art for your home and thank you for this amazing article with my paintings and links. Thanks so much and hope to see more of your adventures to come!

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