No Plans for a Planner

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a planner. I love writing to do lists and ticking off the boxes. I love researching and studying before deciding which activity/situation would be best. My husband would say that this is probably one of the things that he necessarily love about me – and I admit, I sometimes take it too far.

So ever since we got the news about our move to Perth, I’ve been planning. Hello? It’s what I DO. Now I wish I could share (you know I love to share) with yall the plans for this particular move; however, not much has been confirmed. We have a plane ticket, but the date may be pushed. The Easter holiday is playing a bit of a game with us and the timing. So, here we sit – with bags (semi) packed, a car in Dubai we have yet to return (when?), and a housing situation up in the air in Australia. Marrying Barr taught me two things (well WAY more than two, but that’s another post for another day): you can’t plan everything and you have to take things as they come with grace. I have learned the former and attempting to execute the latter (hence my venting to this blog:)) So while we play this waiting game, I’m holding myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. Have a great week! Until next time…



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