On the Road Again

Not another road trip to Fujairah, or another slew of visitors…we’re moving! Again! Barr and I are heading to Perth, Western Australia in 10 days!

VisaYup, off to the West Coast (of Australia, that is). And only for a handful of months before returning to Dubai…and ultimately back to the states. The one thing I have learned from being the wife of a consultant (not even from being a “trailing spouse” – wife/husband/significant other/friend/brother/sister/parent/pet of a consultant deserves its own designation, in my opinion) is that they say, “Are you ready to go? Ready to hop on a plane?”, you say “Yes” and do not hesitate. Now the aforementioned situation is typically true to just the consultant, but over our past 2 moves, I’ve learned that it can be applicable to the significant other as well. No complaints, of course – we’re so excited! 🙂


Barr and I have been to Australia one other time…to Perth also actually! Random I know. We’re random, get over it.

Margaret River, Western Australia

We went for Christmas with my family a few years ago (it was also Barr’s first time meeting my mom and sister – we threw him in the deep end right away 😉 ). On that particular trip, we didnt spend too much time in Perth itself, but rather in Fremantle and then Margaret River for some family wine tasting, obviously. That being said, we cant wait to explore the city more (and buy some wine easily….vs the hoops we jump through to get it here in Dubai)!

Circa 2008 – frolicking in the vineyard

One last shot from our 2008 trip to Western Australia

So yes – off on another international adventure! We’re so looking forward to a new city (a new country, a new continent!), seeing friends from North Carolina in Perth, and escaping the brutal Dubai summer (clearly we prefer to escape extreme temperatures, and are continually chasing temperate weather at any cost).

Do any of yall have any tips about Perth? Favorite spots? I’m all ears 🙂 Moving down the road to Western Australia. Until next time…


6 responses to “On the Road Again

  1. Beautiful! I work in consultancy as well but far-off from the travelling bit which I’m sure will be part of my life down the line! Enjoy Perth, I hear it’s stunning! 🙂

    • Thank you!!! Itll be an adventure – Ill have to keep up with Dubai life (and foodie happenings) via your blog this summer 🙂

  2. Wow! That’s really big news! I hope you’ll continue blogging, -can’t wait to hear more about life Down Under:):) Wish you a safe trip and a smooth relocation.

    • Thanks so much!! And Ill definitely continue blogging – Ive found Ive really grown to love it: writing (of course), reading other interesting/fab local blogs (like yours!), and if nothing else, it’s been such a catharsis for me. Cant wait to see what you get up to this summer as well 🙂

  3. That was quick! Good luck to you guys!

    • Just a quick jaunt – we’ll be back to Dubai at the end of July – escaping the heat for a few weeks at least 🙂