Visiting Dubai: Our Favorite Tips

We’ve just another set of visitors depart for the states after a full week of tourist-ing…one more visitor coming before the summer hits (every time I think about impending summer, I want to say “summer is coming” a la Game of Thrones’ “Winter is Coming” – super scary).


But I digress. I know I mentioned our jaunt to the Dubai World Cup, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. And instead of going through this particular visit day by day (I didnt take as many pictures as I should have, and what is a good blog post without plenty of pics?), I thought I’d do a quick write up of some our favorite tips/destinations/companies and the like for those of you planning a trip to Dubai. Bear in mind that I am by no means a travel agent and/or a Dubai expert – these are just some ideas that we’ve found are hits with guests if theyre here for a handful of days!

  • Decide if you want to stay near the shopping or the beach: Yes, there is shopping down by the beach, but we’ve found that when guests come, they prefer to do shopping at one of the big malls off Sheikh Zayed Road.


  • Don’t rent a car: There are plenty of cabs/hired cars, as well as the metro, that are easier to use than trying to navigating the (at times) treacherous roads – plus you dont have to worry about parking!


  • Visit the Burj Khalifa by way of At.Mosphere: Skip the lines and touristy gift shop “At the Top”, and use that money to cover the minimum at the restaurant/bar/lounge, just a floor below the observation deck. Same effect, but you get a cocktail!


  • Book a desert safari tour: While they are a bit touristy, these desert safaris are awesome! We like to use Dubai Desert Safari Tour.


  • Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding: Dont miss this! I really like the breakfast, and you can learn so much about the culture of the UAE (and GCC at large). It’s about an hour and a half, and we always like to show guests the souks and take an abra ride afterwards. If you only have a few days, this is a great way to show visitors a more “traditional” view of Dubai.


What about fellow Dubai-ites (Dubai-ians?) – do yall have any visitor tips/tricks/places that can’t be missed? Until next time…


2 responses to “Visiting Dubai: Our Favorite Tips

  1. Denise Schaffer (I'm a friend of your mothers.)

    Last month on a visit to Dubai, we went out to Babs Al Shams for cocktails, dinner and a beautiful sunset. It was a nice escape from the concrete jungle of Dubai and it was only 45 minutes away by private car. Next trip, we are staying out there for a few days.

    • Thanks for the tip (and comment!) Someone else told me about Bab Al Shams as well and raved about it, too! We’ll have to go for a visit 🙂