Dubai World Cup (and other Kentucky-esque news)

Like me, my husband is a bit of a nomad. Born in Chicago, lived in Tennessee, but his heart and soul are all Kentucky; he’s a good ole Kentucky boy through and through. This means primarily two things: he loves thoroughbred horse racing and lives and dies by the University Kentucky Wildcats. So if you know anything about either (or both) of these, you know it has been a good week in the Blanton household. 🙂

First, UK (University of Kentucky, not United Kingdom) progressed to the Final Four in the NCAA basketball tournament – I wish I could claim the diehard-ness of my fandom, but alas, it was only Barr who got up at all hours to watch two key victories last week. I joined in on the morning celebrations, just not at 2AM or 545AM…


And the Blue Grass State celebrations continued when we went to the Dubai World Cup to watch the ponies race ’round the track! The world’s richest (obviously) horse race was not as much like the Kentucky Derby as I think we thought it would be, but it was a sight to behold all on its own. For one, there was no infield or gambling – what a travesty! (During Derby, the infield of the track at Churchill Downs is Kentucky’s third largest city). However, the fancy British fascinators, Scottish kilts, and continually flowing champagne (sure, sure the horses were there too), made the Dubai World Cup a different type of spectacle. Too bad there wasnt a betting window, as this girl picked the winning horse! Enjoy some IPhone shots I captured below. We’re off to Abu Dhabi today with some friends in town from the Duke days, so Ill be back in action later this week. Until next time…

Go go go!

Go go go!

Hobnobbing with the beautiful people...and their fascinators

Hobnobbing with the beautiful people…and their fascinators

UAE Derby

UAE Derby

What's a Dubai event without some fireworks?

What’s a Dubai event without some fireworks?


3 responses to “Dubai World Cup (and other Kentucky-esque news)

  1. Julie Griffin

    Tell Barr that I was born in Lexington and lived also in Louisville and that I’m pulling hard for Kentucky, too. At least I can watch at a normal time!! If the Deacs can’t be in it, then GO CATS!!!.

    • When our team isnt in the running, it’s good to have a team to root for! (I cant cheer for Duke…I just cant) 🙂 I didnt know you were born in KY! You and Barr are kindred spirits.

  2. Thanks for the heads up and compilation, really amazing to see how Dubai is emerging as a global host nations for sporting events.