Bachelorette (Hen Party!) in Nashville

By the time I touched down in Nashville, Tennessee (home of country music, for those of you not aware), my days in the states were numbered, but the celebrating was far from over. Sarah Craig ties the knot in May (!), and as her matron of honor, the fun of planning a bachelorette weekend (hen party…am I using that correctly, British friends?) was on my shoulders. I love love love planning this kind of stuff – getting the details together and setting forth some fun activities is part of it, sure, but celebrating one of my dearest friends with all (most) of her dearest friends was the real special part 🙂

Sarah Craig and I donning some festive, celebratory wear at one of the honky tonk bars in Nashville (couldnt tell you which one by this point)

Sarah Craig and I donning some festive, celebratory wear at one of the honky tonk bars in Nashville (couldnt tell you which one by this point)

So first things first: why Nashville? Well, we knew that weather over the weekend we settled upon was going to be potentially cold (ahem polar vortex), so anything too beachy was kind of out of the question. Alongside that consideration, most of the bridesmaids and girlfriends live on the east coast, so being conscious of flying time for working/studying girls, as well as budgetary elements, we decided Nashville would be a good place! Not to mention, many of us either hadnt been before or it had been a brief visit – and there is plenty to do and see – and if it’s good enough for Rayna and Juliette, it was good enough for us 😉

For anyone out there planning a bachelor/bachelorette party in Nashville, let me tell you, you are not alone. There had to be no less like 20 other parties raging on that weekend in Nashville, so you will be in good company!

I booked us at the Sheraton downtown so we could be close to all the action of the honky tonk bars and restaurants we wanted to try out. Luckily, there are plenty of cute areas in Nashville, including the Vanderbilt area and the Gulch.

Sarah Craig and I arrived a day early to get acclimated and catch up one on one as email, What’s App, and FaceTime dont always cut it #expatproblems We grabbed dinner at Husk, an eatery we had also tried out when we were in Charleston, South Carolina last spring – what can I say? We’re consistent. And the food is that good – that Thursday night we didnt have any reservations and the place was packed, but luckily they served the full menu at the bar (alongside a very unique wine and cocktail list).

The other reason I arrived a tad early for the weekend was to get my goodies that I had ordered from my sister in law – she and her mother run two adorable shops in Memphis, Tennesse: RSVP and RSVP Baby. Fear not! Even though I wouldnt be making a trip to Memphis (though I would have loved to), Curry was kind enough to send her designs to Nashville. I told her I wanted a citrus color theme and a few “girly” touches; that was all she needed, and she went and designed some fab paper items for our girls weekend. I may be a bit biased of course, but I’ve placed a number of orders from RSVP and have always been overly pleased by the customer service, creativity, price, and end products. Here’s a peak at the cups and kraft boxes/labels (they matched the invites) she made up:

photo 25

Fun, arent they? RSVP also created the invites and a banner that we hung in the room. Loved all the items, as usual!

Many of the girls had arrived by mid afternoon, so we decided to walk over to Pinewood Social for lunch. Sarah Craig had read about it in Southern Living (one of the best bars of the south), and we werent disappointed! The kitchen was about to close when we walked up, but they were kind enough to still serve us a quick bite. This was a really neat spot: the food and cocktails aside, there was a bowling alley and a cozy little area where plenty of people were enjoying coffees and working on their laptops. It was a very eclectic and festive atmosphere. We enjoyed a quick lunch (and drinks!), and headed back to the hotel to congregate and rest up for the night ahead. I’ll fill yall in on our bike tour, meals, and evening out tomorrow. Happy Hump Day and until next time…

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social

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