Filling My Day

I suck – I havent done my neighborhood post this week, but it’ll come later this week, I promise! In the meantime, how have I been filling my day you might ask? I started substitute teaching! Having come from corporate America, a job where the whiteboard looks like the below vs. a conference call that always goes like thisΒ (CAN I GET AN AMEN?!), I have been a pretty happy camper lately. Subbing is good for one’s ego! πŸ˜‰ Until next time…

Thank you for thinking I have blond hair!

Thank you for thinking I have blond hair!

3 responses to “Filling My Day

  1. Nawww, so sweet! Sounds like a nice way to spend your time:)

  2. haha so cute, kids! i used to tutor little kids back in auckland, they would make these colourful drawings for me as well – i still have them. don’t get anything close to that at my job now πŸ˜€