Letters from Home

Everything is so electronic these days – and dont get me wrong, I enjoy getting immediate news, updates, pictures, videos, books, shopping, etc, etc, etc (I mean, hello, a blog couldnt be anymore e-newsy! All things considered, though, a handwritten letter (or even an addressed envelope) goes a long way in 2014!

Check out our newly redecorated refrigerator – full of happy memories, pictures, Christmas cards, and invitations from friends and family stateside (and this wasnt even all of them that my mom brought to Dubai with her from Houston!) Seeing these each time I open the fridge (ahem, a lot), means more than I can express electronically πŸ˜‰


Until next time…


4 responses to “Letters from Home

  1. Beth Brinkman

    awww so glad we made the frig!! feeling the love across the pond!

  2. Hi Abby,
    I see a Christmas card I recognize on the fridge, love it! Great posts with your Mom too. She’s just as lovely as her daughter.
    We were watching a bit of the Dubai classic last eve and were wondering if we might see you in the gallery this week.