When we first moved to Dubai, we weren’t sure if we would need a car; we had heard mixed reviews about the necessity of a vehicle here. HOWEVER, after having been in Dubai for four months we came to the conclusion that we Blantons did indeed need a car. There is quite a solid public transportation system in Dubai – I love the metro; cabs I could take or leave – but it didnt necessarily fulfill all of our travel needs around town.

Now let me back up and say that after the first six weeks here, I assured Barr that it would be WAAAY cheaper to lease a car monthly than to pay for cabs/metro – Barr, being a diligent planner, assured me that we should accurately track the actual spending and make a fair comparison. He was right (you can quote me): tracking the cash flow was key to proving MY point – we would be better off financially and more flexible around town by leasing a small vehicle here. Without further ado…here’s Blanca!

Toot toot!

Toot toot!

We’re really happy with the car so far! We even embarked on our first mini road trip to Furjairah (about two hour drive across the UAE) – Blanca served us well!

En route to Fujairah

En route to Fujairah

Getting our driver’s licenses was an easy process as well, particularly compared to the long lines of the Mecklenburg County driver’s license offices. After receiving our Emirates ID’s, we just had to get an eye test and pay a quick fee at the municipality office – easy peasy! Now there was a bit of waiting, but nothing too crazy.

Now if you’re moving to Dubai or live here and are thinking about getting a car, some things to consider:

  • Do you live on a stop on the metro line? That makes a BIG difference, and is probably one of the primary reasons we could put off getting a car for as long as we did
  • Do you travel to places primarily on the metro line? If you’re working/living/shopping/hanging out at places on the metro line for the most part, you would probably be a-ok without a car! Not to mention that many of the malls/shopping centers, the Burj Khalifa, Bur Dubai, the airport, marina, etc, are ALL on the metro line stops. It wasnt until I began volunteering 2+ times a week in more obscure locations off these stops, a car became more of a necessity!
  • Can you walk to your job/grocery store/friend’s homes, etc easily? Dubai isnt exactly what I’d call a “walking city”, but in the marina, for instance, there is PLENTY within walking distance along the water, so no need for cabs/metro if everything you need/want is in a close vicinity!
  • Do you live/work in an area where a cab is easily accessible?

Just a few tips for your reading pleasure! Again, one can TOTALLY get by in Dubai without a car, but if there are certain elements that make getting one a convenient choice, I definitely recommend it! I didn’t realize how much I missed driving a car until we got Blanca 🙂 Until next time…

Blanca next to her new friend in our parking garage

Blanca next to her new Hummer friend in our parking garage


8 responses to “Blanca

  1. It appears that your license tag has five digits… I thought the max number the Blantons would have was two digits?

  2. Cute car! Love the comments on proving you were right. He should learn you are right without the details!!!!

  3. Cars are inane in Dubai, So many Ferrari’s and Lambos around. So much Wealth! I like your wee car, it’s cute 🙂

  4. A car’s a necessity here at least for me, although I don’t drive one. Lol. Specially during summer when just getting out of your building will already make you sweat. :p