Happiest 5K on the Planet!

And it really was! See??

Two happy Blantons

Two happy Blantons

Sure, sure – there was a 5k, but it was agreed that the running portion was forgettable after being doused in colored powder (corn starch) at each kilometer (and actually, quite a few folks would cut corners around the track just to get to the colored portions faster – I dont blame them!) In fact, the run is called a run not a race for a reason: no one is timed and there is about an hour window you have to show up to run, walk, skip, push your children in the stroller…through the route. Easy and such a great way to spend a morning!

Obviously the pink chute was my fave

Obviously the pink chute was my fave

Over 8,500 folks participated in this international phenomenon (there are Color Runs held in 130 countries!) here in Dubai – the first Color Run in the UAE! It’s a huge event in the states (where it started) as well; I wanted to run the Charlotte race last spring, but it sold out too quickly! So I was super happy that our friend Virginia gave us a head’s up on Dubai’s Color Run back in September.

Not sure what's going on here, but I like it

Not sure what’s going on here, but I like it

At the end of the run, there is a finish festival where they hand out packets of the colored powder, and with music blaring in the background, you and 8,000 of your new friends dance around and throw the powder around. It was so…happy! One of the best parts was when we got home, eliciting giggles and questioning looks from our elevator companions (that, or when, later that day, Barr went to get a haircut and had some leftover red dye in the back of his hair) 😀 I absolutely recommend it when it comes to a city near you! Until next time… (have a happy day!)

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  1. Love the tutu!!

  2. Such a fabulous run! I really hope it becomes an annual event – next time, we could form a bloggers’ team in tutus!