Foods that Remind Us of Home

A few weeks ago, a fellow blogger from Dubai, Noemi of Pinay Flying High, reached out to several bloggers around town to do a quick write up of a restaurant here in Dubai that reminds them of home. Given that Dubai is a melting pot of primarily expats, there is no shortage of international spots to grab a bite, so it’s a really great subject!

Gotta get me some gluten free Chex goodness!

Gotta get me some gluten free Chex goodness!

Being a food lover (I wish I could honestly call myself a “foodie”, but I don’t think I’m classy enough – Barr and I had some McDonald’s this weekend, so you do the math), I was only too happy to oblige Noemi’s request! 🙂 That being said, it got me thinking: what is American food? At first I was like okay, pizza, but I mean pizza is Italian. And despite our little calorie splurge this weekend, I tend to shun most fast food stops, so that was out too. That brings me to my selection: SafestWay! Yup, you heard that right: not Safeway…Safestway! Obviously safer than our US version of the grocery store. And yes – it’s not a restaurant – it’s a grocery store here in Dubai that I can only assume caters primarily to homesick (home hungry?) American expats. I heard about it through the US expat grapevine, and man alive am I glad I did. Grocery items and brands from the states aside, Safestway has Swiffers!! I was SOOO pumped to find Swiffers here – it’s the little things, yall!


You can find the full post from myself and several blogging buddies here – I urge folks to read these great blogs as well for more and different views of living in Dubai (plus some fun pictures and recipes in there as well!)- they’re all EXCELLENT! Until next time…

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5 responses to “Foods that Remind Us of Home

  1. Thank you for joining the post and yes, it was fun. Everytime I receive an email from a blogger I really get all giddy and excited to know what they recommended. :p I’ll definitely contact you when I come up with a new idea next time.

    P.S. I love Mc Donald’s! You just made me crave for one quarter pounder. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Swiffers?!! Definitely a US thing.