Dubai Storm 2K13

Stop the presses: it has rained in Dubai over the past two days. I myself was thrilled as we hadn’t seen a cloud, let alone rain, since we moved here in September, but the rain certainly wreaked havoc on this fine city. The reactions to the rain here reminded me of when we would have “snow” or “ice” (or just the threat of the aforementioned weather events) in North Carolina, and the whole city would shut down as a result. In the same vein, schools were closed early throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The storm rolling into Dubai on Friday morning

The storm rolling into Dubai on Friday morning

Barr and I took advantage of the cooler weather and took the water ferry from the marina to the creek (Old Dubai). The ferry starts right in front of our apartment….


…taking you through the marina…


…in front of the Palm…

(Marina from afar)

(Marina from afar)

(One of Sheikh Mohammed's yachts)

(One of Sheikh Mohammed’s yachts)

…past the Burj Al Arab…


(Interestingly, this looks like a cross to me)

(Interestingly, this looks like a cross to me)


…in front of downtown Dubai…

(I inherited my father's ears, clearly) :)

(I inherited my father’s ears, clearly) 🙂


…ending at the creek.

photo 2 photo 3

After enjoying a great cup of tea to warm up at the Arabian Tea House, we quickly hit the gold souk and then headed home, but not before viewing the post-rain clean up efforts in the tight streets of Bastakiya. Have great weekends! We’ll be preparing for Anna’s imminent arrival! Until next time…

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2 responses to “Dubai Storm 2K13

  1. watch those “big ears” comments

  2. We were in Dubai a week before the rain. I’m somewhat glad we missed it as we get enough back here in New Zealand.