No Woman; No Drive

On the heels of yesterday’s post, I felt the need to share a video…okay, two videos – both in relation to Saudi Arabia. Don’t act like you’re not amped! 😉

The first is regarding the very controversial situation regarding a woman’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia. Currently, it’s illegal for a woman to drive in the country! True story – if there was an emergency requiring a car ride, if there wasn’t an official family driver/father at home at the time, it would be preferable for a young boy (without a driver’s license) to drive in lieu of his mother. Whoa. Now I give you a song, to a tune which many of you may recognize, regarding this law in Saudi…

In keeping with this theme of cars and Saudi Arabia (and since I have been told by my husband that my blog needs more cars), check out these Saudi gentlemen changing a tire while their car is balancing on two wheels!

Crazy-town, no?? Barr says he hasn’t seen this happen in Riyadh…yet. I’m still crossing my fingers. And while Riyadh may not be a tourist destination, Barr is currently holed up here:

Palatial digs for Barr & Co in Riyadh

Nice, huh? Something tells me he won’t be taking advantage of the bowling alley, however 😉 Until next time….

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  1. Nice digs