Expo 2020

I know I mentioned a master bed and bath post today, but inspiration struck me, and a post that I was going to wait a few more weeks to write is coming a bit early….

I planned to write a post on Dubai’s World Expo bid for 2020 when I saw almost every business, car, building, etc around town boasting their support for Dubai for their bid to host the 2020 World Expo; I thought I would wait until November and the decision date a bit closer (countdown: 30 days).

Honestly, right now, it’s all anyone can talk about here in Dubai and rightfully so – it’s a huge honor and turns the global eye to this amazing region and city; to provide a bit of perspective, the World Fair (sometimes World Exposition or Expo) began in 1844 in Paris, and have brought forth such works/ideas as the Eiffel Tower, the telephone, moons rocks and ketchup!

The Burj Al Arab awash in support for Dubai’s 2020 Expo bid

The other impetus for moving up this post was the video below. If you have 4 minutes, I recommend watching this – it’s incredibly poignant and really gets one jazzed up about Dubai and all the groundbreaking work they are doing.

Cool, right? You totally want to visit Dubai now, dont you??

And frankly, the expo aside, Dubai really is an incredibly forward thinking, innovative, multi cultural city – yes, the constant construction and new project after new project could get a bit old, but when you think about where Dubai was 40, 30, 10, heck even 5 years ago, it’s pretty incredible – Dubai epitomizes the term “urban development” – case in point:

Then & Now (ish) – even that 5 year gap (2008 vs. 2013) has made a huge difference on the Dubai skyline

Global leader(s) couldnt agree more – it’s a cosmopolitan, fresh and fun city!

Further, I love living in a city where there you hear a number of different languages any way you turn and can learn about any culture you could dream of. The world is getting smaller and smaller, and living in a melting pot is such a blessing (if youre into that sort of thing).

Izmir, Turkey, Yekaterinburg, Russia, Sao Paulo, Brazil (sorry, Emily :)) and Dubai are your 2020 Expo Candidates and the decision is slated to be made by the end of November. Keep those fingers and toes crossed for Dubai! Until next time…

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