We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

I interrupt our regularly scheduled Cape Town recap broadcasting to review something highly important (in my opinion, as that is the one that matters in the case of this blog ;)).

Given that we are about to have a handful of visitors fly out to Dubai for the holidays (Anna! The Blantons! My mom! The soon-to-Haverlands!) – and also since I have flown on my fair share of 10 hour + flights in the last 10 years, I feel exceedingly well qualified to bestow upon my loyal blog readers (hi mom!) some nuggets of travel wisdom…prepare yo’ selves for the incredible flying Abby’s Tips to Surviving (perhaps, dare I say, enjoying?) Loooong Flights (warning: many of these are a tad tongue in cheek, but the basic elements apply):

#1: Load up what really entertains you. Don’t try to be a hero with the latest copy of the NYT or Wall Street Journal – yes, you haphazardly grabbed it when you walked on the plane (why?!?), but if you dont usually read it, you wont on this flight, I swear it to you; it’s merely taking up valuable seat back pocket space. Ladies and gents, there is zero shame in buying the latest Us Weekly (Kim K is pregnant is again! What DID Kate Middleton Wear?). The same can be said for downloading a beloved movie or TV series – these long flights will usually have movies on demand, but just in case, better safe that sorry! Stock up! (True story: on our journey back from Cape Town, 2 mini bottles of vino later, I sobbed through Meryl and Amanda’s ABBA rendition of Slipping Through my Fingers) – Barr was less than impressed. Okay, he was mortified. And stupefied. But you know what? Who slept 5 hours during this flight and who didnt?

#2: Dress for comfort. So glad that Gwenyth and Miranda wear those fab skinny jeans and freshly pressed, crisp white shirts with boots, but THAT IS NOT REALITY. Who the HECK is so bold as to wear a white shirt on one of these flights in literally beyond me. My favorite outfit is baggy, blue linen pants and a black tee shirt, with a sports bra. (Ladies, the sports bra is your friend on these flights.) Along those same lines, dont forget to keep your jewelry, any meds, a toothbrush/paste, and a bit of extra make up with you in the carry on.

#3: Never underestimate the power of sleep deficit as part of your travel prep. My husband is the king of this tip as he typically finds himself packing, working, dicking around (or some combination of all three) the night before a long flight. Along these same lines, if you can schedule a flight for reeeeally early (ahem 4AM flight to Cape Town), this may bode well for the aforementioned tip. And honestly, get on the destination time zone ASAP – naps during those first few crucial days can be potentially detrimental.

#4: Alcohol (preferably wine) is your friend on these flights. Drink it. Enjoy it. Bask in it.  Anyone who tells you not to drink on a long-haul flight hates you, hates freedom, and hates wine (blasphemy!) The only way I survive any flight longer than 8 hours is to spend as much of it as possible in a fabulous little haze of prolonged buzz, and obviously alcohol is key for this. This tips comes along with a disclaimer that one should also consume plenty of water throughout and of course, caffeinate yourself should you land in your destination in the AM, but booze it up my friends.

#5: Bring your own snacks. I am the QUEEN (Duchess Kate) of Snacking. Ask anyone. I can also be a picky eater and have trouble with the celiac thing as well in the plane (hello?? I can’t eat those delish muffins you just laid before me for breakfast!! Damn you!). So I have learned that bringing a few granola bars, a little bag of chips or a sweet, gum, a large bottle of water, and whatever else my strikes me, is a healthier option, fills me up, etc, can be a lifesaver.

So there ya go. You didnt ask for it, but I felt compelled to provide my limited knowledge on life in general and thrust it upon you. 🙂 Hopefully one or two of the tips help!

Next post, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. Until next time…

2 responses to “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

  1. I love this and completely agree! I’d like to request another air travel blog post on how inferior US carriers are to the Middle Eastern carriers such as Emirates.

  2. Thanks for the tips! Wine was never going to be excluded from my flying regiment, but glad to have your thumbs up!