Jaunt to Africa

After some brief planning and standard indecisiveness, the Blantons have booked our Eid trip. Drumroll please…

Cape Town, South Africa! We’re hitting the “road” this weekend and staying for a 6 night jaunt – couldn’t be more excited 🙂

Cape Town at night.
Source: National Geographic

Table Mountain
Source: Cape-Town.info

Very unlike us…well me…to plan a trip this on a whim, shall we say, but it’s also very exhilarating and I know that planning will dominate my next few days before our departure. I’ve already reached out to several friends who I know have lived/worked/visited Cape Town (and the surrounding area) for their recommendations on sights, hikes, places to eat, etc, but any ideas and thoughts are welcome – lay them on me!

Source: Wikipedia

I definitely will be posting some apartment pictures tomorrow, I promise – I’ve been holding off as we wait for our shipment from the states to be delivered; the walls here are a bit bare and things still feel a tad incomplete, but we should we getting closer when the shipment arrives tomorrow! (Honestly, we can’t really remember what we packed in there, so it’ll be a bit of a surprise!) Please, please, please: if you have any tips, recommendations or thoughts on Cape Town, I’d welcome and love to hear ’em. Until next time….

4 responses to “Jaunt to Africa

  1. Beth Brinkman

    Have so much fun in Cape Town!! Cannot wait for your post-vacay blog post with all the pictures and details!

  2. Lillian studied abroad in Cape Town. You should email her!

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