Gluten Free Dubai

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease almost 4 years ago. I’ll spare you all the lovely side effects and what led to the diagnosis, but all of that is immaterial at this point because do you how easy it is to be gluten free nowadays? Very is the answer. Even if you arent on a gluten free diet, you’d have to be blind not to see all of gluten free goodies available in restaurants and grocery stores! I’ll admit, I was wary about if I would be able to find the plethora of GF foods here in Dubai, but I was immediately proven wrong when I googled “gluten free Dubai”.

I just ordered for delivery a loaf of GF bread and some little shortbread/strawberry cookies from Gluten Free Supermarket , and I was SO pumped!! Both items were delicious (well, to someone who has been deprived of whole wheat anyway), and I will absolutely be going back and ordering more items once we move into our apartment!

Loaf of GF fiber bread and some shortbread cookies

Loaf of GF fiber bread and some shortbread cookies

Further to this speciality store, the larger grocery stores that I’ve been to here also have a good selection of flours, pastas, and baked goods. Not to mention, that a lot of the restaurants cite on their menus some good GF options and if not that, if you ask the waitstaff, they know what gluten free means right away and speak with the chef about it. Phew! Crisis averted 🙂 #thirdworldproblems. Until next time….

3 responses to “Gluten Free Dubai

  1. Love the blog. Thanks so much for sharing. Say hello to what’s his name. We love you, David

  2. Phew so glad you can eat there!!! COL

  3. My husband has celiac disease too. Do you ever order pizza from NKD Pizza? Pretty yummy!