Grocery Shopping

Yesterday was a big day of exploring, the most important and exciting of which being a local grocery store! During my previous treks abroad, going to a local grocery store has been a big highlight for me – weird I know. I ventured to a Waitrose nearby the hotel at which we are staying to get some staples (fruit, bottled water, breakfast bars, chips) – I was NOT disappointed! On the contrary, I was thrilled with the choices: a ton of brands I am accustomed to, gluten free items (woot!), yummy looking fruits/veggies/diary, and pork. While I did not indulge in all of the items pictured below, I couldnt resist taking some shots (with my big girl camera) for your viewing pleasure.

I would describe my afternoon for you, but suffice it to say that jet lag caught up with me…

Until next time!

A plethora of juice selection

Some gluten free yummies

Some gluten free yummies

Leggo my Eggo!

One response to “Grocery Shopping

  1. Abby, girl, you crack me up! I love the blog. I just rang my hubby and said I am ready to pack for Dubai! …and we’re still waiting on the offer. LOL!!!
    When he gets it (yes, i’m pretty optimistic), I will certainly look you up!