Initial Acclimation

I’ve read other blogs, books, and sites citing tips and tricks on how to create a viable blog. After this extensive research (what can I say, I’m Type A personality all the way), I did indeed reach a decision: my blog will (hopefully) be written how I talk. I don’t assume to have a high viewership/traffic to my little expat blog, but to those of you that may stumble across this (hi mom!), hopefully, it will be reminiscent of my own voice and stream of consciousness. I can be verbose, so I’ll have to tailor that a tad and will hopefully add lots of fun pictures, recipes, stories and travel tidbits 🙂 SO..without further ado….

I arrived yesterday evening in Dubai – my first sign that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore was the call to prayer that came over the loudspeakers while I was standing in the passport control line; I couldn’t help but think how neat it was to juxtapose this ancient, religious ritual against the bustling and utterly modern DXB airport. Anyway, I quickly procured all 3 (yes, 3) checked bags, swung by duty free for some bottles of vino (anyone who visits must pay the Blanton “hotel fee” of a bottle of wine – sorry I’m not sorry), and met Barr for the drive to our temporary hotel in the Dubai Marina. Yall, I am used to hot and humid (hello, Houston), but this is a slightly different league. While I was about to bust out jeans and light sweaters in Charlotte, I am cursing myself for even BRINGING jeans to Dubai. Needless to say, lots of aquas was consumed throughout the evening. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and hunkered down for a good night’s sleep.

Barr is off at work today (work week is Sunday-Thursday here), and I am left to my own devices to explore, rest, and get settled. Next on the list, a trip to the Mall of the Emirates for cell phone service. And yes, there are other cell phone outlets nearer to the hotel/not at the world’s largest shopping mall, but who can resist a good mall??

Stay tuned for my next post(s) on how that goes, as well as the lovely experiences that are getting a residency visa, finding an apartment, and general, initial acclimation. Pictures will be following as well!

Until next time…

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